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I'm Dr. Pritchard. 

(My friends call me Jlyn. Pronounced Jay-lynn, because I knew you would be curious. And yes, it is spelled correctly.)

I could list my accomplishments, my degrees, & the number of training years it took to get two extra letters after my name, but I have a feeling that is not why you are here. I could tell you how adorable (& messy) our three kids are, how many grey hairs they have caused (a lot), or how I survived the Pandemic with writing & dog-walking. But you probably aren’t here for those tidbits either. 

I want you to know that I practice medicine because I love it. I’ve loved it since I was a little kid in an oversized white coat borrowed from my Step-Dad. I continued to love it on International High School Mission Trips, through long hours of Med School studies, & through endless hours of residency training. 

I believe in the power of healing. Of lifestyle changes & fiber & family history. I'm an advocate for dietary intervention, the healing power of food, & a careful exploration into the widening World of Research. But I also recognize that we are unique Beings, created to live a finite number of days. Appreciating our uniqueness should be part of the care that is delivered scientifically & strategically. 

Technology has allowed us many advances in healthcare. But I believe it has also come with sacrifice. We no longer have the privilege of knowing–& being known by–our doctors. As a Physician, a wife, & a Mama, I’ve realized that the standard Healthcare System isn’t serving families in ways that are convenient or personalized. And the constraints of insurance benefits can often make seeking the right care more laborious or time consuming (or expensive).

Based on a foundation of trust & transparency, restoring simplicity to modern healthcare is one of my top priorities. My job & my joy is to take care of families--offering them care that is integrative & individualized. 

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